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Covid 19 Epidemic

At present we are all struggling with the effects of the Corona Virus pandemic. Accessing any services is difficult due to health and care services having to focus their attention on those who have sadly become unwell with the virus.

It is also a time of great uncertainty and worry for ourselves and our loved ones' health and wellbeing. Our emotional and psychological wellbeing can also be affected at times like these due to feeling unsafe and out of control. Difficulties that we may have been coping with can be made worse and can cause what is already a stressful time to become overwhelming.

As social distancing is a key way of protecting ourselves, our loved ones and collectively preventing the spread of the virus, accessing help is both needed but more difficult to access. 

Online Psychotherapy Clinic has put some free resources on it's Resources and Information page  for those who may be struggling with the impact of the pandemic at these difficult times.

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